©  ingrid chavez

 © ingrid chavez

In the Hindu tradition, it is common practice to invoke blessings at the beginning of any venture. Traditionally, Ganesh (the elephant-headed remover of obstacles) and Saraswati (goddess of learning and the arts) are called upon for their guidance and grace. I, too, would like to ask these beloved deities to shine their light on this blog—my newest creative endeavor.

Divine friends, please transform this blog into a ray of beauty for the world. Please inspire me to share words that touch people’s hearts, not just take up space in the blogosphere. And please forgive any grammatical errors—I’m human, which means I’ll probably mess up once in awhile.

If anything beautiful comes through in my writing, it’s only because I’ve somehow managed to get out of my own way for a moment. Just to let you know, I like those moments a lot. If you feel like giving me more, I won’t complain.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi.

hear me chant a Sanskrit invocation to Ganesh and Saraswati...