I've been incredibly fortunate to study with and sit at the feet of so many remarkable teachers. How can words express the depths of my gratitude?  In truth, the entire cosmos has conspired to support my gradual blossoming and there’s nothing in existence that hasn’t contributed to my growth. The earth has held and nourished me. The wind has carried my prayers. The sun, moon, and stars have lit up my life. And the presence of countless saints, sages, mystics, musicians, poets, renegades, healers, and visionaries has set my heart on fire with love.

All I can do is say thank you to every single thing that’s ever blessed my life.

Thank you to the spiritual masters who have moved me beyond measure and to the creative geniuses who rock my world with your nonconformist ways. Thank you to the Buddha for your truth-soaked dharma, and to Ramana Maharshi for guiding me home. Thank you to my body for always being present and to the ancient rhythms that beat my holy heart. Thank you to air and rain and soil and sky and strong hands that work in gardens and with clay. Thank you to all women who embody the wise, warm, flowering, fierce feminine, and to all the men who love them. 

Thank you to healing plants and honeybees, to car mechanics, candlemakers, comics, shamans, scribes, and symphonic birds. Thank you to my bona fide bodhisattva parents, and to all of the ancestors who toiled so that I could sing. Thank you to weathered books, midnight blossoms, mountain salt, and mixing boards. Thank you to my human wounds for unveiling hidden gifts, and to sorrow for speaking the secret language of surrender. Thank you to Rumi and Neruda for your nectarous words, and to Amma for shining the bright beauty of the Self through your form.

Thank you to rose-drenched skies, to loving eyes, and to the rich, red wine of life; you are—and have always been—my ever-present, ever-perfect guru.

Thank you.

May this website and whatever I do be of some small benefit to others.

xo Carrie




 Mary Oliver