Devotional singer Carrie Grossman channels the ancient sages with refreshing takes on traditional mantras.  

Yoga International


Carrie Grossman’s long-awaited new album, The Ram Sessions, is a soul-map of her spiritual journey... These songs are meditations of the heart, a synthesis of East and West, traditional and original, like a river of grace carrying us toward the Infinite.   
—Light of Consciousness

As a sonic voyage through the Ram mantra, The Ram Sessions weaves together world elements, ambient soundscapes, and soaring Sacred pop motifs that ease the mind and unburden the heart. I have not yet heard a recording that inspires, soothes and invites such a full-bodied and disarming response.  
 —Lloyd Barde Productions

I have had the good fortune to feature this entire album on my radio show recently. I love sacred chant music and this is one of the best I've heard.  
—Gary Goldberg, WPRI Radio

The Ram Sessions is truly a sonic masterpiece.
Paul Avgerinos, GRAMMY winning artist & producer

Each and every song on Soma-Bandhu: Friend of the Moon is spiritually engaging and emotionally soothing. There is true magic in what Carrie Grossman has created, not the sleight-of-hand variety but the grace of divine inspiration.  
Common Ground Magazine


The healing voice of the
feminine divine.

Jeffrey Armstrong, Founder,
Vedic Academy of Arts & Sciences

Sometimes intense and yearning, other times gentle and sublime, Carrie's voice expresses the longing and vulnerability of one who loves all facets of the human journey. – Peter Bliss, Founder, NY Songwriter’s Collective

See the equality of praise and blame, approval and disapproval, good and bad reputation, for they are just like illusions or dreams and have no true existence. 

~ HH Dalai Lama