Private Sessions



I love to work one on one with people. My work isn’t based on any particular system, but rather it’s an organic combination of elements that draws on my background and intuition. Every session is spontaneous and specific to the person—it all depends on what you feel called to explore. 

My "philosophy" is inspired by the Tibetan notion of kalyanamitra—spiritual friendship. Sometimes this word refers to the relationship between the student and spiritual teacher, but it can also refer to the friendship that blossoms between those that travel the path alongside us. Instead of walking in isolation, we can meet and support each other on the journey. We can provide inspiration, love, and encouragement. This is what I wish to offer in my sessions: a space of kindness, curiosity, and realness. A space where we can meet one another as we are, in friendship.

Ultimately, my work isn't about self-improvement—it's about self-acceptance. I'm not interested in your resume, your past lives, or the lines on your palm. I'm interested in your heart and your passion, what feels challenging in your life, what you long for, and what you fear. I want to be a loving witness on your journey, and offer my full presence for the brief time we have together.





Carrie knows you right were you are, always. She is the ever present presence with you on your journey, wherever that may be. It's very rare to feel deeply loved by someone that you don't know that well, but Carrie approaches everything with a great big, beautiful heart and a kick ass sense of humor. You know you are loved, and that love transforms all the little aches inside into more soul, more openness, more realness. - Sunday M.



Carrie is warm, accepting, open and truly amazing at what she does. Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but she imparts it in a way that meets any person's needs perfectly. I feel more grounded, in-touch, relaxed and healthier in general when we work together.  - Lauren P.



My experience of Carrie’s work has been the most caring, mystical awakening to my own inner wisdom and capacity to love. Through her programs and private sessions, I have learned to embrace all aspects of my being, even those that are uncomfortable and painful to look at. Her presence and words make me feel safe enough to explore those places within myself. She also has a wealth of knowledge that helps tie meditative and somatic experiences into the practical world of daily living. Most of all, she is deeply compassionate, the best listener I know, and her ability to hold the immense love of God in her heart and share it with others through her music is unique and magical.” - Julie K.



Carrie has many exceptional qualities that come together in a gestalt that is loving, connected, inspiring, and deeply rooted. She excels at leading people to deeper, higher experiences of self and spirit. - Patricia B.



Every kirtan, program or circle Carrie has led me in, I have been transported. Not in the sense of a hippy tripping, woo woo, or new age thing. I mean deeply transported into my body and my voice, into the sweetness of my essence, into the deepest darkest places, and into the farthest inches of my heart. She calls this "home". Carrie has brought me "home" over and over in the kindest and most tender way I could ever imagine.  - Aimee D.



Carrie guides us through her music and storytelling to a path of open heartedness that leads us to the parts of our soul that need to be tended and loved. Her vulnerability is a gift. - Jenny P.