I love to go deeper with people in workshops. My programs work well in yoga studios and retreat centers, at teacher trainings, educational institutions, and festivals. I also have a strong interest in sharing kirtan with communities in need, such as shelters, prisons, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and more. While I'm happy to design custom programs around specific themes, these are the workshops that I most frequently offer:

Finding Refuge: Heart Practices for Difficult Times

In difficult times, it can be hard to keep the faith. How can we turn inward through spiritual work, and also keep our eyes open to the suffering in the world? How can we honor our own pain, grief, and anger—and also witness it with compassion? Through wisdom, music, and practice, this workshop will explore the power of love and light—two great illuminators that reveal what’s hidden, whether in the personal or collective unconscious.

Deep Rest: Restoring Yin, Receiving Light

Today’s dominant cultural paradigm values doing over being. Remaining busy all the time, many of us experience yin depletion, which shows up as feelings of overwhelming stress, excessive thinking, chronic addiction to technology, and burnout. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the physical and psycho-spiritual impact of constant fight or flight (acute stress response), explore themes of receptivity and relaxation, and experience a guided sound journey into the depths of our self.

Coming Home: The Practice of Self-Love

Many of us have protective layers and defense mechanisms that keep us from fully embracing all that we are. As a result, we become fragmented and divided inside. How can we learn to bridge this gap and nurture genuine compassion towards ourselves? How can we make the concept of self-love a reality, and not just a new age platitude? In this workshop we will learn to become our own beloved through storytelling, inquiry, chanting, and meditation.

Blessing our Body, Forgiving Our Flesh:
A Journey of Soma and Sound

As women, many of us have been taught to neglect, shame, silence, repress, hurt, and hate our bodies. These wounds contribute to the collective female pain body, and they keep us from fully embracing our feminine power and gifts. This workshop will use chanting, sound practices, guided meditation, and ritual to help us forgive our misperceptions, sanctify our cells, and fall more deeply in love with the woman we are.

Infinite Heart: The Path of Love

Take a journey into bhakti, the yoga of love. This ancient tradition draws on kirtan, japa (mantra recitation), meditation, prayer, and various art forms to awaken the heart. In a relaxed setting, we will explore this rich path of devotion, with a focus on self-compassion and forgiveness practices. Come immerse yourself in a day of inner nourishment, music, and healing as we celebrate the beauty of satsang—a community gathering to honor and explore our essential nature. 



My programs are inclusive for all and, space-permitting, no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds. I believe the practice of yoga transcends caste, color, and creed, and it should be accessible and welcoming to people from all walks of life. 

My teacher Amma says, "The intellect cuts and divides like a pair of scissors; the heart joins together and unites like a needle. The tailor uses both." This beautiful metaphor sums up what I hope to create in my offerings—an atmosphere that honors head and heart, as well as the space beyond them both.